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To whom can I trust my home?

Do you shudder at the thought of a young mechanic going to work on your new car? Well, think how traumatic it will be when a work crew comes to rewire the operation of your home.

Think very carefully about to whom you will entrust your home. In the same way a builder or an architect would plan the construction of your home, you need a specialist to design the electronic systems. Unless you love tinkering with electronics you should not think of installing an automated control system without first finding an electric architect you can trust. Here's why:

  • Customizing your home functions will require intimate knowledge of your personal routines and family life. It is not a simple case of indicating what you want in a home automation system. You may not know what you want or need without some guidance on what is possible and at what investment.

  • You need a competent advisor. Some technical solutions are appropriate; others are "band-aid" approaches. You may not be able to distinguish between them.

  • The number of functions to be controlled by a single keypad means that you will not be able to diagnose problems readily. If the television won't turn on, you may not be able to tell whether the problem is with the television, cable connection, or the control system.

If more than one party designed and supplied your system, you risk having them pointing fingers at each other. Once control of your home is integrated, you have to think differently about who takes care of any problems.

Choose a system integrator with:

  • A breadth of experience proven by solid references for similar installations.

  • Secure financial standing so that they will be around to support you in the long term.

  • Professional documentation in case you decide to make further changes.

The most important step of purchasing a system you will be happy with is finding the right system integrator. Visions has been designing and implementing electronic environments for clients throughout the country and beyond since 1982. By taking an engineering approach to your project the final system will be truly customized to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.
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